About Us

North Harbour Hire has all the tools and equipment to complete your next project.

Whether it is floor care, building, landscaping, renovating or decorating, we have the right equipment for you. With our extensive inventory, you can rent the tools and equipment you need to get the job done.

We specialise in automotive tools, electric drills, plumbing tools, ladders and trestles, gardening tools, waterblasters and so much more. We also have a good selection of trailers, ranging from 1.2 x 2.05m standard trailers to furniture trailers and car transporters.

Why Hire from North Harbour Hire?

Sometimes purchasing tools and equipment outright is not financially sound, especially when you are only going to use them a handful of times. With our tools and equipment hire, Auckland professionals like you can simply use quality equipment for a small cost.

So with no capital outlay, you can have immediate access to our range of modern equipment and tools. You save on labour costs as well, and more importantly, you do not have to worry about problems with equipment registration, depreciation, repairs, maintenance and storage.

 It is easy to purchase low cost equipment from your local DIY store but this equipment is not very durable and is not worth repairing. It also often does the job a lot slower than professional equipment. As a result much of the low cost DIY equipment ends up in landfill.

A ‘Customer First’ Culture

As one of Auckland’s leading equipment hire companies, our services are based on putting our customers’ needs first. This ‘customer first’ culture is ingrained throughout our business.

Whether you need automotive equipment and sanders or tools for painting, decorating and gardening, call us today.

Equipment and Tool Hire in Auckland from Leading Brands

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