LPG Gas Bottle Refills

When it comes to your business, reliable LPG gas bottle refills is crucial. North Harbour Hire is trusted by thousands of tradesmen, contactors and handymen across the region to deliver services that keep trucks and forklifts running, and the customers happy.

So whether you have a gas bottle for your BBQ or heater, we are the one-stop shop for all your Auckland LPG refilling requirements.

Refilling All Sizes of LPG Bottles

We fill LPG bottles of all sizes from .5kg up to 45kg while you wait and we also fill forklift bottles. This includes bottles with clip-on, primus and camping fittings. No fill to difficult. With our Auckland LPG refill service, you do not have to go through the inconvenience of swapping your LPG bottle, because we simply need to refill it.

Swap a Bottle

We also provide a swap a bottle service if you old bottle is out of date or you require a quick swap with no filling time delay.

Trained to Handle LPG Bottles

There are strict regulations on how a bottle gas should be stored and handled, and North Harbour Hire meets the standards. By law, LPG bottles should only be filled by someone who has undergone approved training. We ensure your safety and convenience—because trained professionals will be handling the purging and filling of your LPG bottles.

Reminders when Handling Bottles

  • Treat those LPG bottles with care.
  • Do not allow anything to fall on or damage the bottles, and do not allow any source of ignition (e.g. power tools, lawnmowers, garden fires) within two metres.
  • LPG gas bottles must be tested and recertified every ten years.

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